Best TIG Welder for Aluminum 2024

Best Tig Welder for Aluminum

After reading about welding, were you curious about welding “difficult” metals such as aluminum or magnesium? To satisfy your interest, you must almost necessarily start by collecting information on the best tig welder for aluminum unless you have already done so. On the other hand, if your curiosity arose right after you discovered TIG welding, the most used for light metals, you are in the right place.

Here we will examine what makes TIG welding so suitable for welding materials such as aluminum, then try to provide a brief guide to orient you among the TIG welding machine models designed to give the best in aluminum welding.

Let’s start with some theory and then move on to practice:

Best Welding Machines for Aluminum for the Money

Weldpro Digital TIG 200GD AC DC 200 Amp Tig Weldpro Digital TIG 200GD AC DC 200 Amp Tig
  • Features: AC balance, fully adjustable pulse, downslope, and 2T or 4T trigger function
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YESWELDER TIG-250P Aluminum Tig Welder YESWELDER TIG-250P Aluminum Tig Welder
  • Features: Digital set of Pre Gas Time, 4T trigger function, Up Slope and Down Slope Time, and Unique air channel design
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  • Features: Superflex TIG Torch, 3/8″ mild steel, and Advanced Inverter Technology
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Hobart 500559 Handler 140 MIG Welder 115V Hobart 500559 Handler 140 MIG Welder 115V
  • Features: Wire Feed Speed Range 40-700 IPM, Dual-gauge regulator, and Power Cord
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Lincoln Electric POWER MIG 210 MP Multi-Process Welder Lincoln Electric POWER MIG 210 MP Multi-Process Welder
  • Features: Large color display, simple to access, and Dual Voltage
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Weldpro 200 Amp LCD Inverter 5 in 1 Welder Weldpro 200 Amp LCD Inverter 5 in 1 Welder
  • Features: LCD display, Stick or Lift TIG welding, and wire speed
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2018 AHP AlphaTIG 200X 200 Amp Welder 2018 AHP AlphaTIG 200X 200 Amp Welder
  • Features: 110/220 volts, Advanced Inverter Technology, and precise welding
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If curiosity continues to grow, it will be necessary to have a welding machine suitable for TIG welding. The ideal would be to go to those specially designed to give the best in aluminum welding.

Let’s see models that allow you to approach the world of aluminum welding in a way that will inevitably be professional, not so much because you do a job or not, but because aluminum welding requires skills that are those of the professional.

Best TIG Welder for Aluminum Reviews

1. Weldpro Digital TIG 200GD AC DC 200 Amp Tig

Weldpro Digital TIG 200GD AC DC 200 Amp Tig

Weldpro Digital TIG 200GD AC DC Tig is a digital tig machine that uses technology to achieve high-quality, high-precision welding. It can achieve welding speeds up to 0.5mm per second with less than 1% error, making it suitable for commercial applications. Controlling current flow and amps makes it perfect for use in a small shop, a home workshop, or a professional welding company.

In addition, it can adjust in different ways to meet the needs of different welds, such as upslope or downslope welding and even fully adjustable pulse welding. Also, this machine can cut through steel plates with a maximum thickness of 20mm without damaging the material or operator.

What We Liked

1) Saves time and money on welding
2) Can weld more quickly with the digital control
3) Efficient

4) Can weld using a variety of materials

What We Didn’t Like

1) Although the digital display is very helpful, it can be hard to see what is happening in a dark room.

2. YESWELDER TIG-250P Aluminum Tig Welder

YESWELDER TIG-250P Aluminum Tig Welder

This tig welder for the aluminum machine is a digital set of pre-gas, start current, upslope, and downslope time. It can use to weld aluminum pipes and supports. You can control this machine with a foot pedal. The foot pedal can adjust the machine’s power output, thus adjusting the output voltage and current.

The 2T or 4T trigger function allows control of the welding process at a professional level from start to finish. It can automatically adjust the power supply and temperature when welding its target. Therefore, the user can choose whether to use AC or DC power supply and adjust the temperature manually to achieve different results.

What We Liked

1) It is a reliable and cost-effective machine that can be used for welding jobs.

2) Easy to use and can be operated by anyone.

3) Its output is high, and its weld quality is excellent.

4) It can be used for both manual and automatic welding.

5) It produces accurate weld results.

What We Didn’t Like

1) It is a bit pricey.

3. PRIMEWELD TIG225X 225 Amp IGBT AC DC Tig Welder


This Primeweld Tig225X 225 Amp welder, a portable power tool, is the best for welding stainless steel and aluminum. The output voltage of this machine can adjust from 200 to 600V AC or DC. It has an integrated pulse function that can use to weld different materials.

Besides, it is a hand torch control with digital and analog output. It combines pulse width modulation (PWM) and temperature control. Power width modulation and IGBT technology design give this machine the most reliability. And unlike other products, we noticed it had been designed using state-of-the-art technology to achieve high quality, low noise, and long service life. Therefore, you can weld efficiently with this welder.

What We Liked

1) Very powerful and durable.
2) Easily welds steel and metal.
3) Good price point.
4) Can be used both with gasoline or oil.
5) Stable operation.

What We Didn’t Like

1) This welder may be hard to use for beginners.

4. Hobart 500559 Handler 140 MIG Welder 115V

Hobart 500559 Handler 140 MIG Welder 115V

Regarding flux core arc welders, several variants of the same machine can be used for different applications. The Hobart 500559 Handler 140 MIG Welder 115V is one example that can use for several industries, such as automotive, aerospace, electronics, construction, and many more.

It has a 20% duty cycle and a 90 A amperage range so that you can work smartly with this tig aluminum welding machine. This machine can weld aluminum alloy and stainless steel in various thicknesses and other materials such as copper and brass. It is a high-performance, high-output, and high-efficiency welder for the metalworking industry!

What We Liked

1) It is a high-quality welder that can produce high-quality welds.

2) The handler has a series of adjustments allowing precise welding results.

3) The machine is easy to use and can be operated quickly.

4) Its 115V input allows it to work with most electric welder machines.

5) The machine is reliable and can be used over various temperatures.

What We Didn’t Like

1) There may have welding problems with the Handler140 if it isn’t used carefully.

5. Lincoln Electric POWER MIG 210 MP Multi-Process

Lincoln Electric POWER MIG 210 MP Multi-Process Welder

The POWER MIG 210 MP Multi-Process is a lightweight, portable, and highly versatile tool to create content for any industry. It has dual voltage inputs (120V or 230V) that allow you to plug into any common power supply. This means it can be used in office environments and remote locations with access to power supplies of different voltages. 

The device comes with an LCD and a USB port for uploading the content generated by the device onto the computer or other devices. Besides, it has been designed to meet the needs of welders with limited access to power sources. And did you know? It is a high-end laser cutter. A multi-process laser cutter can cut up to 4mm thick material. Therefore work efficiently with this best-advanced option welder!

What We Liked

1) Easy to operate and has various features to make welding faster and easier.

2) The machine is powerful and can do a variety of tasks.

3) It has a wide range of accessories, making it easy to start.

4) The weld quality is good, and the machine is relatively easy to maintain.

What We Didn’t Like

1) This welder may not be the best choice for beginners.

6. Weldpro 200 Amp LCD Inverter 5 in 1 Welder

Weldpro 200 Amp LCD Inverter 5 in 1 Welder

The model 210 LCD inverter is one of the most potent and versatile inverters. It has a max output of 5,500W. It is capable of true lift TIG welding as well as stick welding. With its ability to create a wide variety of welds, it can make everything from minor repairs to significant additions to your home or office.

Weldpro 200 Amp LCD Inverter 5 in 1 Welder Reviews

Regarding welding machines, Stick or Lift TIG is probably one of the most popular brands in China. They have several models that are available in different configurations and prices.

Besides, it has an LCD screen that displays the current voltage and current being applied to the welding wire and the temperature of the current being applied to the wire.

It also has a foot pedal that allows you to adjust between different settings easily.

What We Liked

1) 5 in 1 welder.

2) It has many features that make it a valuable tool for the DIYer.

3) Easy to use and set up, making it perfect for those new to welding.

4) It is a powerful device that can handle various tasks.

5) Affordable, and it is one of the most popular options on the market today.

What We Didn’t Like

1) Some people may find the weldpro 200 amp LCD inverter too expensive for what it offers.

7. 2018 AHP AlphaTIG 200X 200 Amp Welder

2018 AHP AlphaTIG 200X 200 Amp

The AlphaTIG 200X IGBT AC DC Tig is a high-quality inverter. It has a maximum output power of 200Amp and can be used as an AC/DC power inverter or a DC/AC inverter. It has a built-in PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) technology makes it suitable for use in AC applications, such as the lighting industry. Also, it is best to use in the medical industry, where high-frequency AC signals are required. 

Besides, this Tig welder has many features, from protection against overcurrent and short circuits to protection against overload. However, It can control and monitor the welding process through a foot pedal. Therefore you can manage your machine with the foot pedals!

What We Liked

1) It offers high power and is easy to operate.

2) The welder’s large motor makes it fast and efficient.

3) It is a powerful welder that can weld various materials easily.

4) The welder is reliable and has a long service life.

What We Didn’t Like

1) The machine is expensive, so it may not be affordable for everyone.

Making a Decision to Buy the Best Tig Welder for Aluminum 

Choosing between the three proposed models is not easy. These are three excellent devices of professional caliber. On the other hand, as already repeated several times.

It is unthinkable to approach aluminum welding and TIG welding in general without having a professional attitude, given the difficulty of the technique. The manufacturers’ brands are all very well known in the sector, so there is no doubt about the quality of the product.

As a guideline, it can be said that the Weldpro Digital AC DC Tig model is the best performing one in terms of absolute performance, reaching an amperage of 315 Ampere, enough for any welding.

The PRIMEWELD TIG225X welder model is the one that, among the proposed ones, is best suited to be purchased by a novice to TIG welding, also considering the reduced cost compared to the other two welding machines. Also, the Weldpro 200 Amp LCD Inverter welding machine is the one that represents the best compromise between quality and price since it is a professional product anyway.

How Does Aluminum TIG Welder Works? 

Very briefly, the TIG welding machine uses the current of an inverter welding machine to weld arc, with two modifications to the classic MMA welding that radically change the latter’s nature.

The electrode of classic arc welding, which melts, bringing material to the weld, is replaced by a tungsten electrode, which does not melt due to its intrinsic physical properties (the melting point of this metal is over 3400 degrees ).

How Does Aluminum Tig Welder Works

Therefore, the tungsten electrode does not melt; it merely melts the metal of the work surface and possibly that of the filler metal bar.

The shielding gas represents the second substantial modification to traditional arc welding. It comes out of a nozzle in the center of the electrode, protecting the melting bath from oxygen.

Combining these two elements of diversity with MMA welding allows TIG welding to be perfect for welding aluminum. This thin material requires extreme precision even for its intended uses, such as in the aeronautical or automotive industries.

While this welding method is very sophisticated and guarantees excellent mechanical and aesthetic results, on the other hand, TIG welding is not suitable for absolute beginners as it requires a great deal of experience in arc welding.

It is ideal for switching to TIG welding under the supervision of an experienced welder if you have no experience with torch control (the tool that combines electrodes with gas).

How to Weld Aluminum?

You will have guessed that aluminum welding is by no means simple. To the difficulties of TIG welding are added some characteristics of aluminum that further complicate things. The Main question is how to weld aluminum.

Aluminum is a light metal that melts at a relatively low temperature and tends to develop a skinny oxide layer that instead melts at a much higher temperature. Furthermore, unlike other metals, aluminum does not change color when it melts, making it impossible for the beginner’s eye to understand whether or not there is a melt pool.

If a perfect preparation of the metal is not done before welding and if there is no training properly before operating. However, the oxide on the surface would penetrate the underlying melt pool, ruining the mechanical properties of the weld, which will be subject to brittle breaking trigger points.

Therefore, knowing how to use the tool is only one of the fundamental aspects of TIG welding aluminum. To do the job well, you need a 360 ° experience with metalworking, and only if you already have arc welding experience can you move on to practice.


Will any TIG Welder weld aluminum?

Aluminum welding is typically performed using GTAW (TIG) and GMAW (MIG). Most welders will say TIG is the best method for welding aluminum because it can handle lighter gauge materials better. It is possible to TIG weld aluminum properly to produce quality results.

What is the Best TIG Welder for Aluminum?

Lincoln Electric POWER MIG Welding Machines have an extremely precise heat-affected zone that can easily control, making them ideal for aluminum. It is ideal for fast, clean welds and materials susceptible to cracking, such as aluminum.

Is it better to weld aluminum with MIG or TIG?

It may be best to use TIG if the metal you’re working with is thin. There are many types of metals that MIG welding can be used on. Stainless steel, aluminum, and mild steel can all be used. Although TIG welding is also compatible with these metals, it works better with thinner gauge materials.


Welding is joining two pieces of metal with a melting point. Welding uses high-temperature electricity to heat the metal, and the molten metal flows into and through the joint. The molten metal flows from one piece to another with very little resistance. This is called flow welding.

To do aluminum welding, you must purchase the best TIG welder for aluminum, which is durable and highly efficient. This is why we came and reviewed the best aluminum tig welder so you can purchase and work efficiently!

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